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Invoke article 6 - Expel US from UN

In the 75 years since the UN was founded, no country has violated the principles of the UN Charter more than the United States of America.

This is exemplified in the case of Palestine, where a ceasefire and an end to the genocide is persistently prevented by the United States, which cynically uses its veto power in the Security Council to overrule the will of the majority.

Symbolic demonstrations are important, but focused action with a tangible goal is even more so.

This is why it is time to raise our voices and demand the invocation of Article 6 – to expel the U.S. from the United Nations.

Article 6 allows for any member of the UN to be expelled – even if they sit on the Security Council – for persistently violating the principles of the United Nations. 

We call for the expulsion of the United d States from the United Nations because that is a real objective that may not only result in a ceasefire in Gaza but can also invite much-needed reform of the United Nations and Security Council.

To this end, we invite all those who desire an end to the tyranny of injustice to join our movement to Invoke the 6th

Let’s demand that our leaders rule with justice and integrity. Let’s demand that all member states have a meaningful voice on the international stage. Let’s act for change. Let’s do it now!

It is time for the world to say enough is enough.

expel us from un



- Amplify On-Line: share hashtags #expelUSfromUN #invokethe6th and your photos on social media

- Rally Off-Line: join protests with signs and banners advocating for US expulsion

- Elevate Awareness: educate others about Article 6 and the campaign's goals

We want to examine and reform the way the Security Council works and reform veto rights. 

No, the charter states that where there is a conflict of interest, that party must abstain according to the protocols of the United Nations and on the security council.

Yes, any member of the United Nations can propose the invocation of Article 6 against another member state.

The core principles include international peace and security, friendly relations among nations, cooperation in international problems, and respect for human rights.

Usually, a single violation is not sufficient for Article 6; it is meant for persistent and significant breaches.

The ICJ may provide advisory opinions or settle disputes related to Article 6, but the final decision on expulsion rests with the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council.

As of April 2023, Article 6 has never been invoked.

The process involves a recommendation by the Security Council followed by a decision from the General Assembly.

Yes, the accused state has the right to present its case and defend itself in the UN forums.

Expulsion under Article 6 means losing all rights and privileges of UN membership, including participation in General Assembly and other UN bodies.

Yes, it covers any actions by a member state that significantly contravene the principles of the UN Charter, not just military conflicts.

Economic sanctions, diplomatic isolation, and withdrawal of UN membership privileges are some examples.

Discussions around apartheid-era South Africa and more recent considerations regarding states accused of sponsoring terrorism are notable.

Yes, it underscores the challenges in achieving consensus and the need for a more robust mechanism to address serious Charter violations.

Documents like reports of human rights violations, resolutions condemning state actions, and findings of international tribunals can be used.

Detailed reports from credible sources can form the basis of arguments for invoking Article 6, highlighting sustained violations of UN principles.

Yes, as they detail state obligations in times of war, which can be critical in assessing a state’s conduct under the UN Charter.

 The ICC’s rulings on crimes against humanity and war crimes offer legal insights that can inform the interpretation and potential application of Article 6.

It is a simple equation, if we stop the United States we stop this Genocide

Therefore, we demand that the @UNSCO_MEPP Invokes Article 6 of the UN charter and Expels the US from the UN!

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"The problem with a broken promise isn't the promise. The problem with an unfulfilled contract isn't the contract..."


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Article 6 -

A Member of the United Nations which has persistently violated the Principles contained in the present Charter may be expelled from the Organization by the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council.

Read UN Charter in full

Why this petition matters

Gaza is has been, and is being obliterated. 

As long as the US is a part of the United Nations, we will not see an endurable ceasefire, let alone an independent Palestinian State. 

Various countries across the globe has upon several attempts vote for a ceasefire, while the US repeatedly vetoes or abstains from such votes.

In fact, the most recent security council meeting was convened for the purpose of a ceasefire, which was then delayed for days by the US, due to the “wording” of the resolution, only to have it diluted to humanitarian aid, and no ceasefire. A resolution they insisted on changing, while people in Gaza are dying every minute; only to have them abstain the same resolution they insisted had to be “amended”.

This petition is a demand to have the US permanently expelled from the UN, and rid us of this utter disgrace of an illusionary democracy and failed UN member.


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Campaign updates